Velour Battle of the Bands Pt. 2

So I've competed in Battle of the Bands in the past. 
 The past ones had been veeeerry competitive. Minimal 
comradery happened, just because of the nature of competitions.
However, Velour's BOTB was completely different.
It was as if we were all on the same team, rooting for each other. 
Almost as if it didn't matter who won, because if any of us won,
all of us won. It was a beautiful night of music and met a lot of 
amazing people. Again thanks to the judges and fans, 
we were fortunate enough to win 
Velour's 2014 Winter Battle of the Bands 
Here are some of the pics

Velour Battle of the Bands Pt. 1

The #bestfunkingbandever recently performed in the 
prestigious Velour Battle of the Bands. Many renowned bands 
have won, like Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons. 
There is so much unique musical talent in Provo and 
I thrive off of diversity. Our first night 
at Velour BOTB was our second time performing 
(our first was opening up for Ryan Innes
and it was a phenomenal experience for me and the band.
Thanks to the crowd and the judges we won our night! 
Onto the finals!
Here are some pics of the band at the show!

Recording Studio

Well, found my new addiction. 
I love recording. I remember in high school I 
would sneak out of class to the band room 
and mess around on Garage Band for hooours. 
A lot of my fans have been wanting a new record
so it was about time. After finally assembling the 
#bestfunkingbandever, we went and hit up 
Around the same time The Strike asked me to rap on 
one of their records. They are currently working
on their ep at June Audio. A lot of good music on its way. 
And some new stuff from me soon too. 
Here are some pics of the recording sessions!

Photo Shooting

Photo shoots are super weird for me. 
I feel really awkward trying to pose. 
Like trying to make a face that's like.. 
"I'm so fresh" 
"I have nooo clue what I'm doing" 
faces only came out. Luckily I had a dope photographer 
Alex McDonell who made it super chill and an amazing 
stylist Tara Brooke (who I actually convinced to date me #winning)
Here are some of the pics!

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